Academic Administration


I have performed administrative work throughout my career at the California Insitute of the Arts. In addition to the thoroughgoing task of building and running the voice program, I have played several institute-wide roles. My primary administrative interests have centered on building new programs and projects; generating policies and procedures for new initiatives; negotiating and developing international partnerships and exchanges; initiating and integrating learner-centered teaching practices and modalities; encouraging creativity in assessment as a tool for program and student growth; and self-examination, for the Institute and its programs, through the process of self-study and accreditation. My major administrative roles at CalArts have included serving as

• Interim Assistant Provost
• Acting Co-Dean of the Music School
• Associate Dean for Academic and Special Projects
• Associate Dean for Accreditation
• Assistant Dean for Academic and Special Projects
• Institute Assessment Liaison Officer
• Special Assistant to the Provost
• Special Assistant to the Dean for Accreditation
• President of the Faculty Senate
• Coordinator or Co-Coordinator of the Voice and VoiceArts programs

I have written several accreditation reports for the School of Music and the Institute for both national and regional accreditors, and have guided new programs and initiatives—from brainstorming, through research and discussion stages, to final approval—in several cases, notably CalArts’ signature Performer-Composer doctoral degree. I have served on countless committees—for faculty searches, strategic planning, steering, etc.—and often have chaired such committees. I have also attended numerous workshops, seminars, and conferences devoted to various academic issues, and have been an invited presenter at several. Some of these presentations are listed below.

“Creatively Engaging Faculty: Working Together”    
Invited presentation co-presented with Mary Ellen Poole (Dean, San Francisco Conservatory) and Justine Garrett (Academic Affairs Coordinator, CalArts) at WASC ARC Conference, Hollywood CA (April 2009)

“The WASC Process as Creative Practice”    
Invited presentation at WASC ARC Conference, Hollywood CA (April 2009)

“Student as Center: A Model Based on the Course ‘Singing the Books: A Workshop on John Cage’s Song Books’”    
Invited presentation at WASC ARC Conference, Hollywood CA (April 2009)

“The Prevalent Assessment of Professional Artistic Practices”   
Presentation developed with Justine Garrett (Academic Affairs Coordinator, CalArts) and the Office of Admissions (CalArts); presented at WASC Educational Seminar, Irvine CA (October 2008)

“The Voice of Experience”    
Invited presentation co-presented with Jacqueline Elam (Assistant Provost, CalArts) at “The Institutional Proposal and Beyond” at WASC Workshop, University of California at Irvine (January 2008)